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Book Art 1

July 2013

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Sherlock fic: The Address is 221B Baker Street

Title: The Address is 221B Baker Street
Author: impulsereader
Follows: The Scottish Play - these Baker Street interludes are a monthly peek into the preparations John and Sherlock undertake as they get ready to take on the roles of Benedick and Beatrice respectively.  Not every chapter will have Shakespeare, but most will feature some connection to Much Ado.
Rating: G unless noted otherwise at the beginning of individual chapters.
Length: Varies by chapter but generally fewer than 5k words.
Characters: Mainly John and Sherlock, but I'm pretty sure most of the crew will show up somewhere along the way.
Pairing: This 'verse is overwhelmingly gen with a side of Mycroft/Not Anthea.  ...though, technically, some members of the Holmes clan might be under the impression that John and Sherlock are engaged to be married; people will talk, you know.
Disclaimer: I neither own nor seek to profit from any aspect of this work.  Lines taken directly from Much Ado About Nothing are specifically taken from this version on Project Gutenberg.

Delightfully Britpicked by quarryquest and periodically inspired by all the very creative and wonderful LJ users on my friends list.

January - Resolution to the Silver Blaze case in which Colonel Ross is shown that Sherlock is no fake, and Sherlock goes to Waitrose to fulfill his Christmas promise to John.

February - John and Sherlock MST3K the 1993 film adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.

March - Sherlock gives John his first acting lesson.

April - John is awoken in the middle of the night by Sherlock's violin.

May - Mycroft stops by for a visit. Shakespearean hijinks ensue.

June - A case courtesy of Mycroft provides a bit of a romp through Kew Gardens.


Christmas is coming

Is there going to be another Christmas/Shakespeare fic this year? I hope :-)